Our Mission


To promote personal growth for adults learning Spanish through Spanish language instruction and the exchange of cultural knowledge.

IS Latin America offers an exciting educational environment for adults to learn Spanish as a second or additional language.

Our group of highly skilled, experienced, and motivated teachers offers unique, valuable and dynamic Spanish language classes to foreign students, adults and professionals.

Located in the heart of each Latin American city, IS Latin America has continued to grow every year since it first opened its doors in 1986, welcoming students from all over the world. The school welcomes enrolment on a continuous basis and offers flexible classroom schedules and very small groups; we offer morning and afternoon classes as well as evening classes which make it easy for working professionals, students or visitors to schedule classes.

At IS Latin America, students learn study skills, conversation skills and the mechanics of speaking, writing and reading Spanish, but they also leave with a greater knowledge of Latin American culture and customs. By learning the practical uses of the language for everyday life, our students learn the skills they need to lead successful lives in Latin America.

Students learn in multicultural classrooms where a variety of classmates with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to share their own life experiences and cultures. The atmosphere is friendly and engaging, but studious too. Teachers offer plenty of individual attention and make a point to learn everyone’s name.

What sets us apart? At IS Latin America students can expect to gain more than a strong foundation in Spanish, they leave knowing they have made lifelong friends.

10 reasons to choose IS Latin America!

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